3D Laser Scanning for Inspection and/or Reverse Engineering

Fast and versatile 3D scanning - even in difficult environments and with complex surfaces.

The scanning technology utilised by AIM does not need a positioning device, such as a portable arm or a laser tracker but instead uses unique self-positioning capability to make 3D scanning simple, efficient and highly portable – to be performed on or off site.

Through simple calibration, the device can be brought anywhere and used irrespective of environmental conditions without affecting performance.

Multiple laser crosses and an automatic mesh generation allows for fast generation and output of ready-to use files for manufacturing or inspection purposes

Capable of volumetric accuracy of 20microns, it can scan large structures taking 1.3million points per second

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Our Approvals

  • ISO 9001 & AS9100

  • AUK/SA/001-1

  • BAe/AG/QC/SC1 part 1

  • QAS 2000

  • SQA 01, MASQA & SQA50

  • SQR-1

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